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Would you like to share a story about your Border Collie adopted from Come Bye BC Rescue or APA of Southern Illinois? We'd love to add it here on our website for all to read. Please send your stories and photos to comebyebcr@hotmail.com .

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Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Leroy, he was adopted today, 3/16/2024!! He will become a Southern gentleman as he’s joining his new family in Georgia! Alyssa adopted Sway (now called Voodoo) a CBBCR alumni in Feb ‘23! He joins a family of 9 other doggies and will live quite the life! His new family travels full time putting on stunt dog shows at fairs and festivals. We are very excited for his future! Congrats to Leroy, Alyssa and the happy family!!


Happy Tails Update!!! I’m so glad you asked about Keegan! It gives me a chance to talk about my special girl!!! I just love her so much- she’s silly, and sweet, full of play drive, and (of course) so smart! We started our agility journey last year but took a couple months off while our trainer broke with her business partner and opened a new facility. I’m excited to say we start back tomorrow! In the meantime, we have kept ourselves busy with her Collie Ball- We did a lot of organized pack walks early last year and take park walks either alone or with one or two other friends and their dogs. Keegan loves the snow and loves to play in water. She also loves to drop down in peoples’ yards and roll in the grass during our walks 🙂 She has a special relationship with one of our kitties, Bootsy (also known as The Magoots). They are pretty amazing together. Bootsy likes to run into her crate at ‘kennel up’ time and I have to bribe him w a kitty treats to get him out. Keegan is lovely with him. Keegan also does well at the barn- she goes out with me when I drop off feed and is well behaved. She initially barked at our horses but very quickly learned they weren’t to be feared. She is more interested in playing fetch or playing in the water bucket I set out for her than harassing or herding the horses. We have a regular gal that comes to walk her and play with her while I’m at work. Keegan walks nicely on leash for her and ‘auntie Kay’ reinforces my ‘wait’ cues at every street crossing. She stays and plays w Keegan after their walk and Keegan just loves her. Keegan was pretty reactive to strangers when we first brought her home, but she certainly adores Kayla and now very rarely sees a person she doesn’t want to greet. She’s actually quite social. I think she just needed time to adjust to a new place with a new caretaker/person and, once she trusted in that, she became comfortable enough to be the confident and gregarious girl she is at her core. I cannot thank you all enough for entrusting her to me! She is such a joy in my life, and I look forward to every day with her in it. Thank you for sharing Olesia!!


Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Patsy, she found her fur-ever home Saturday, 1/13/2024. Congrats to Al, Pat and Patsy!!!!


Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Reed, he found his fur-ever home today, 12/17/2023. Congrats to Amy, Reed and the happy family! 🙂


Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Emma, she found her fur-ever home today!! Congrats to Jan, Jerry and Emma!! 🙂

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