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6/26/2022 11:09 AM


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Would you like to share a story about your Border Collie adopted from Come Bye BC Rescue or APA of Southern Illinois? We'd love to add it here on our website for all to read. Please send your stories and photos to comebyebcr@hotmail.com .

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Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Chewy, he found his fur-ever home Saturday, 3/26/2022, Congrats to Jeff, Chewy and the happy family!! 🙂


Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Piper, she found her fur-ever home, Saturday, 3/19/2022. Congrats to Matt, Piper and the happy family! 😊


Adoption Alert!!! Congrats to Mack, he found his fur-ever home yesterday, 2/11/2022. Congrats to Jamie, Jammie, and Mack 😀


Happy Tails Update!!! Finn (FKA Dakota) Finn is doing well, he has completed 2 six week training classes, has traveled with us to Wyoming in the Summer and Arizona in the Fall. He wakes up early every morning for a long walk and training session on our Farm. Thanks for sharing Jane and Mike


Happy Tails Update!!! Reaching out to give Bodhi’s (formerly know as Journey) 1 year update! This boy is amazing. Truly an incredible dog. We’ve done a lot this past year, from training, to traveling, trying new things and meeting lots of new friends! This past year Bodhi has competed in multiple disc events, and in 2022 he will be competing at the quad and hero cup for long distance, his longest catch so far was an 83 yard throw! This year he will also be trying dock diving! He took to the water almost immediately, jumping right in with little hesitation! He earned his BCAT this year as well! His fastest run was 28.89 mph! Such a fast boy! Bodhi has added 10 states to his list this year as well! He’s met a lot of friend this year, human and canine. He’s such a love bug and everyone adores him. He also got a new brother a few months ago, and man is he an incredible puppy raiser! He is such a blessing in my life, and I’m so happy I stumbled upon the page a year and a half ago! Lots of updates to come as I feel this year will be a big on for him! Looking forward to giving more updates! Ashleigh and Bodhi Thanks for sharing Ashleigh 😊

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