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Before you begin to complete an application, please read about this special breed to make sure you know more about their sometimes quirky personalities and energy levels on our About BC's page.

**New Online App!**                  Application Fee and Adoption Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee of $30.00. The application fee is applied toward your adoption fee of $300.00 if you adopt a dog from CBBCR.

Before submitting your application, please either mail a check to the address shown on the Contact Us page on our website or click on the button below to do a PayPal transaction. (Your application will not be processed until your application fee is received.)

Please take note:  We require that your current and prior dog(s) have been under veterinary care on a regular basis, are up to date on their vaccinations, on a consistent heartworm preventative regiment, and spayed or neutered.
   Potential adopters must be at least 21 years of age.


Broken Heart

We do not enjoy seeing broken hearts! When we ask on our adoption application in which dog(s) you are interested, we are trying to determine what characteristics draw you to that particular dog. Maybe it is the dog’s coloring, or the eyes, or the ears, or the foster’s description of the dog. Maybe the dog reminds you of another dog in your lifetime. It is natural to be drawn to a dog with those physical characteristics, but remember that is only a part of the package.

In reality, there is no guarantee that you will end up adopting that particular foster dog, because he/she may not be a good fit for you and your family. Our foster dogs depend on the rescue volunteers to find their forever home the first time around, and we strive to do that. That is why we base our initial approval on the energy level of a BC that we feel you and your family can handle. We want everyone to be happy, but most importantly the CBBCR foster dog!

We have confidence that our foster moms and dads know their foster dogs because they live and interact with them on a daily basis. That is why our fosters have the final say in adoptions of their particular foster dogs. Most of our foster homes have years of experience in making these decisions. Sometimes feelings get hurt as potential adopters think they are the best home for a dog. Please do not take our decisions personally – we are doing the best we can for our foster dogs and it is their happiness and wellbeing that we put high on our list!

As you go through the adoption process, we encourage you to keep an open mind and let our volunteers help to find the best match for your home. It is worth the wait if you can be patient!

How do I apply to Adopt?
Complete the
**Online Adoption Application**


Complete an application on a pdf version:
If you experience problems with the Word version of the application,
please complete and return the PDF version of the Adoption Application

Note: You will be asked to read and comply with our
Adoption Agreement as part of the adoption process.
Signing contract

You will need a pdf reader, such as Adobe, to read the pdf files.
Click on the icon to get the free Adobe Reader application.

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Adoption Information

Come Bye BC Rescue takes great pride in placing our foster dogs in a home that is best suited to each dog's individual personality, temperament, and activity level.  We will do a phone interview with you, a veterinarian history check, personal reference checks, conduct a home visit, and do whatever else is needed to verify all the information on your application. We want to be sure that you and your new dog are a good match, so that each placement is a permanent one. The adoption process is our way of getting to know you, your family, and your lifestyle. First and foremost, the Rescue's main responsibility is our foster dogs.

We have been asked many times why we ask so many questions of our potential adopters!  Here is an article that helps answer that question.

The Border Collie is not recommended for apartment life. If you are currently living in an apartment-type dwelling and will be moving to a house in the near future, we will process your application but will only do the home visit portion once you have moved into the house.

To adopt one of our foster dogs, you must fill out an application and return it by email, fax, or mail, together with the appropriate application fee. Come Bye BC Rescue will review and process each application in the order it is received.  It usually takes about 2 weeks to process an application, as many of our volunteers work full time jobs in addition to volunteering with Come Bye BC Rescue.

If you are approved to adopt, you will be requested to meet the dog in which you are interested at the foster's home. This visit should be scheduled as soon as possible after you are approved for adoption.  We do not put a "hold" on the dog, as it is not fair to the dog. Come Bye BC Rescue gives significant consideration to the opinion of the dog's foster parent(s). Therefore, if the foster parent(s) feels one of the potential adopters will fit the dog's needs better than another, the dog will go to the best home for the needs of the dog.

You must agree to the terms of the adoption agreement before the adoption is finalized. A link to the Adoption Agreement is provided above. All Come Bye Border Collie Rescue dogs offered for adoption, if age appropriate, are heartworm tested, on heartworm preventative, spayed or neutered, and up to date on shots, microchipped and, in season, on flea/tick preventative.

Come Bye BC Rescue's adoption fee includes
the following veterinary services:

(click on each numbered item to learn more)

1. General examination.

2. Heartworm testing.

3. Spay or neuter surgery.

4. Distemper complex immunization.

5. Rabies shot.

6. Microchip.

7. Worming and/or fecal exam.

8. Flea/tick treatment.

9. Other treatment.


1. General examination. Each puppy or adult dog is examined by a vet to check for any irregularities.

2. Heartworm testing. If a dog tests positive for heartworms, the dog is treated unless the dog is too ill to lead a good quality of life after treatment. For more information on heartworm testing, preventative and treatment, see this linked article.  If the dog tests negative, the dog is started on heartworm preventative medicine immediately and receives it each month. Please note: adult dogs should be re-tested six months after the initial heartworm test, because heartworm tests will not catch heartworms in their "incubation period". Pups are started on heartworm preventative medicine immediately and receive it each month.

3. Spay or neuter surgery. Each adult dog is spayed or neutered after it tests negative for heartworms. If the dog tests heartworm positive and is treated, the spaying or neutering takes place after the dog has recovered from the heartworm treatment. Occasionally, puppies are too young for the surgery when they are adopted into their forever home. Come Bye BC Rescue will require such pups be spayed or neutered by the adopter at the appropriate age, typically six months of age, and will hold a refundable deposit pending proof of the spay or neuter.  Why your pet should be spayed/neutered.

4. Distemper complex immunization. Each adult dog is current on his/her distemper complex (called DHLPP, DAPP and the like). Each puppy is current on his/her immunizations, but additional puppy shots may be needed after adoption. 

5. Rabies shot. Each adult dog is current on his/her rabies vaccine. Puppies are vaccinated when they are between four and six months old (depending on the recommendations of the vet and state law). If the puppy is not yet vaccinated for rabies when he/she is adopted into their forever home, Come Bye BC Rescue will require that such pup is vaccinated by the adopter.

6. Microchip. Each adult dog is microchipped before the dog goes to its forever home usually at the time of spaying/neutering. Come Bye BC Rescue will remain the owner of the microchip forever. Puppies are normally chipped before they go to their forever home. If not, Come Bye BC Rescue will supply a microchip to the adopter and will require such pup is microchipped by the adopter within 60 days of adoption.

7. Worming and/or fecal exam. Adults dogs and puppies are wormed and/or receive a fecal exam. If there are any worms found in the sample or by physical examination, they are treated for worms.

8. Flea/tick treatment. Each pup or dog is given flea and/or tick treatment monthly as dictated by the time of year.

9. Other treatment. If necessary, we will run bloodwork and do dental exams on dogs over the age of 5 years. If we notice anything that does not seem normal (awkward gait, sneezing and/or coughing, cloudy eyes, etc.), a veterinarian or veterinarian specialist will be consulted. Appropriate treatment will be administered before the dog goes to its forever home.

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