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“I love my BC but I can’t keep him or her any longer!  Can you help me?”    

Our general procedure is to talk with you by phone so that we can understand the problem.   We may need to have the dog evaluated (by us, another rescue person or a trainer).   If we are able to take the dog into our foster program, you’ll need to transport the dog to the foster home.   We can sometimes assist with transportation, if the situation is warranted.


“My dog is destructive, over-energetic, nips children, and is too much for me and my family to handle!”

These are typical descriptions of reasons that cause people to think they should give up their Border Collies.   Often these problems can be managed with appropriate training.  One of our knowledgeable volunteers will be glad to listen and recommend appropriate professional help for the problems you’re having.


“My dog is aggressive and has bitten someone.”

While we’d like to be able to take in every BC in need, we are generally unable to accept aggressive dogs.   Dogs who come into our rescue are fostered in private homes by volunteers, and our foster caregivers are not specialists in aggression issues, nor can we endanger our families and our own dogs.   There are trainers available to help in this area and we will refer you to those people. 


"How much will it cost?”

BCs in shelters have no advocate looking out for their care, and CBBCR is often asked to take in dogs who have been neglected and abused before being abandoned.   Therefore, CBBCR feels that everyone who cares for this breed is part of the solution, financially and educationally:  adopters, relinquishers and of course, those who donate to our rescue.  We ask that you make a donation and will discuss further details with you.  Any donations of supplies you'd like to make at the time of surrender are welcome....dog toys, bedding, food, collar, leash...we will pass along whatever you provide to the new adopters.


"How Soon Can You Take My Dog?"

All dogs in CBBCR’s foster program are cared for in private homes, so we cannot take a dog into rescue until foster space is available.  Our priority is to rescue BC's from kill facilities because those dogs are often at the end of their time and in grave danger of being euthanized.  However, our volunteers are committed to providing help, and we will work to help you find a solution as quickly as possible.  Sometimes time is the only solution, so you will need to keep the dog in your home until foster space opens up.  In that case, we can include a Courtesy Listing on our website with details about the dog, including a narrative and photos and/or video.  All inquiries will be directed to you.  You can view the current Courtesy Listings on our website to see how others have done writeups on their dog.  If you can be flexible enough to do that, it will help greatly with getting your dog a new home.  In order to do this, your dog will need to be spayed or neutered and up to date on his veterinary care. 



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