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Message From: Jessica October 20, 2014
We adopted our Gibson through Comebybcrescue almost 3 years ago. What a great experience it was. His foster mom Sheila selected him for us just through a phone interview. We drove 4 hours sight unseen to pick him up. He has truly brought nothing but joy and happiness to us. Thank you so much for letting Gibs come and live with us. We were blessed ones in this adoption!

Message From: kim June 19, 2013
Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the email for my like on the father's day pic.. I just emailed the people who is in charge of pepper she is one of the older bc on my watch list here, I may have found the perfect match!!! How are all the dogs I hope great oh I know they are!!! Thanks Kim

Message From: aaudreyt June 17, 2013
We had to say goodbye to our AJ last Wednesday after 15 wonderful years. He will be so missed, your site brought some peace, God Bless you for what you do!!

Message From: border7305 June 3, 2013
I'm so glad you change to only bc it has been need in this state. I in lov with moe he looks just like my girl. I will be contacting you email I just wanted to send a message.

Message From: Debbie November 27, 2011
would like to fill out the adoption form and talk to you about adopting an older adult or senior dog, but your online form keeps telling me I'm filling it out wrong when I'm not. You need to fix the online form. I hope there's another way to do this [Debbie, send an email to josie62249@yahoo.com so we can figure out what is going on with the form. Thanks!]

Message From: zeev and francine hapner February 2, 2011
nice site

Message From: Sarah November 23, 2010
Have to say what you do is amazing!

Message From: Randy November 18, 2010
You have a great web site and do a great job for border collies. I am doing a home visit for Ebby and his information was very helpful. [Note from Guestbook Editor: Thank you! Our fosters deserve a great deal of credit for taking such good care of the CBBCR dogs in their homes, including regularly providing updated information and photos.]

Message From: Valerie October 23, 2010
HI, have fallen in love with Bailey, would love to see her geting the use of her paw, will keep chicking on her progress, keep up the good work, love from Ireland. Valerie

Message From: maurica May 31, 2010
thanks again for helping with the girls...can you believe it's been 3 years! keep up the awesome work!

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